One of the many services provided at Nex Generation, is the Onsite Repair. Turn over for simple repair jobs such as solders and small stone replacement and even ring sizing’s can be done as soon as a few hours up to a day or two! Yefim Fridman, the bench worker currently on duty, has been providing repair services since 1993.  From day one Yefim has prided himself on providing customers with exquisite pieces of jewelry.  A damaged piece of jewelry that needs to be refreshed is not just a job to Yefim, it’s a challenge (and Yefim loves a challenge!) Whether the repair job consists of a simple solder or a complex restoration of a vintage piece, to making an original design, equal care and consideration is given to all. Plain and simple! We, here at Nex Generation love what we do! And it shows with every given product!
Grandma’s ring that you inherited that you have not worn because the diamond is chipped or cracked is restorable. We can have your chipped diamonds re-cut and buffed to its original beauty and in most cases there will be very little loss of weight to the re-cut stone.
We not only provide repair services for jewelry but also watches, from changing a battery to making your favorite watch band fit comfortably by taking out or adding links.
Have a sentimental watch from a beloved family member that just won’t work anymore, even after a battery change? We can send your treasure to our Master watch repairman and get an estimate on repairing your watch! If you decide not to repair your item, not a problem it will be sent back to our shop and well contact you about its arrival. And repairs aren’t just limited to watches we’ve had many mantle clocks and antique wall clocks pass through to be repaired also!


One of the many premiere services we provide at Nex Generation is written appraisals for your insurance requirements!  Appointments can be made and walk-ins are welcome.  Upon your arrival Melissa will sit with you and evaluate your jewelry and price it accordingly. The finished product is a detailed computer print out of your jewelry’s description and estimated value with digital pictures! We will provide you two copies, one for your insurance company and one for your personal records.  Insurance companies recommend that you have your insured pieces updated every three-to-five years. If you let too much time pass between updating your appraisals and the unthinkable happens, such as a loss or robbery your replacement value could be well beneath what you would need to actually replace the lost item. It pays to be prepared and informed.


This piece was first done when a grandmother came in wanting to make something special for her daughters and granddaughters before she passed away. The before picture is the original piece that was made.

The after picture is the remake of the original after it had fallen off the chain and had to be remade.

When it comes to custom design jewelry there are many levels and price ranges.  Melissa can sit down and sketch a drawing for a new piece of jewelry using your diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or other gemstones or we can provide the stones for you.  We can also take your old, rarely worn jewelry, and use it to create a new piece of jewelry that you will be proud to wear every day.

Once you have approved the sketch then our Master Craftsman, Yefim, will carve a wax.  The amount of talent that it takes to carve a wax by hand is truly amazing and there is something to be said about the natural skill of using the hand and eye to create the desired effect.  Then casting of the piece and setting of the stones produces a unique handcrafted art piece that is jewelry that you desire at the price level you are comfortable with.  No job is too small or too large!

When the work of art is completed a little piece of Melissa’s heart goes with it.  It has to meet with her high standards and approval…if not it does not leave the shop!